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*stabs gums violently with a sharp object until they start bleeding*

Dentist- Just what I suspected. You need to floss more, there’s light bleeding.

  • Question: What do I need to do to get shipped? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Just tell me what you look like and your interest! I don’t require a follow or anything.

  • Question: Ship? 5'3" black hair with light brown tips. Brown eyes ( so dull) love to sing, secretly can dance, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and a bunch of different things. I love my magcon boys and stuff. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Shawn is your homeslice from pizza hut







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Don’t hate me, but my friend just told me Calum’s name from 5sos it pronounced Caa-luhm not Cay-luhm. Don’t hate me. I was never a big fan of them. Nothing against them, though. They’re just not my style

  • Question: Do you have a screenshot of JJ tweet where he's telling Martha to stfu and take a joke - Anonymous
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  • Question: Hey! I know your requests are closed,but do you think you'll write a part two to the last Taylor imagine? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’m on it!


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  • Question: Can you please write an Aaron imagine where he takes you up on stage to officially announce you guys are dating? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Click here!


At the moment, Aaron was taking on the phone with so e important person for his recording session. You were just sitting, watching him as he rubbed his neck, agreeing to everything he’s being told. You’ve been secretly dating for over a month and a half, and to be honest, it’s been killing you. Aaron could get his mind off of the topic easier thane you could, considering he was so busy all the time. He said goodbye and hung up, strutting over to where you were sitting in the hotel room.

“I have a recording session on Friday when we get back from Toronto. Do you want to come?” He asked, sitting next to you and sliding his arm around your shoulders.

“What if people see us?”

“So what?” He said. Your eyes widens in happiness, hoping he would finally wants to tell the fans about you two. “They won’t suspect anything. They’ll think we’re just friends.”

You smile dropped, “right.” You got up, leaving Aaron alone on the couch.

“Where you going?” He hollered.

“Mahoganys room. At least she won’t hide me like you,” you snapped, slamming the door behind you.


That night was Magcon, so you didn’t really have to necessarily talk to Aaron, seeing that in past events, the managers were always freaking and putting everything into place before it started.

“Hey,” Mahogany smiled, “are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” you told her. She had a sympathetic look and rubbed your back.

Someone called her from across the room, asking her to double check her DJ list, “gotta run. Just tell me if you want to talk or something.” After that, she went off running towards the stage.

The show eventually started and you calmly listened through the curtain behind the stage. Being ‘just friends’ isn’t a thing you enjoy a lot. Shawn jut finished singing Life of the Party, and the crowed was pumped. The screams increased when you heard Aaron’s voice booming in the speakers.

“I have an announcement for all of you,” he said. Curious to what he meant by announcement, you got up from your spot next to your charger in the floor and closer to the curtain to see in you could peek through a little. When you did, you saw Aaron walking towards you. Before he could open it, you quickly hid. “(Y/N),” he breathed when he saw you. “Come on stage with me.

You laughed dryly. “Are you crazy? Your fans are out there, and most of them don’t like me very much.”

“Fuck them.” That was one of the few times you heard Aaron curse. Without warning, he grabbed your wrist gently as he pulled you towards the stage.

“You guys know (Y/N), right?” Aaron asked into the microphone. There were some screams, some boos. “Well, my announcement is that (Y/N) and I have been dating for almost two months now. And I really, really like her, so if you don’t like her, in truly sorry, but no one can change my mind about how I feel about her.”

You smiled, staring at Aaron because the crowd made you nervous. The already screaming crowd got louder. Still, there were a couple of boos, but, like Aaron said, fuck them.

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