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  • Question: Can you please write an Aaron imagine where he takes you up on stage to officially announce you guys are dating? - Anonymous
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At the moment, Aaron was taking on the phone with so e important person for his recording session. You were just sitting, watching him as he rubbed his neck, agreeing to everything he’s being told. You’ve been secretly dating for over a month and a half, and to be honest, it’s been killing you. Aaron could get his mind off of the topic easier thane you could, considering he was so busy all the time. He said goodbye and hung up, strutting over to where you were sitting in the hotel room.

“I have a recording session on Friday when we get back from Toronto. Do you want to come?” He asked, sitting next to you and sliding his arm around your shoulders.

“What if people see us?”

“So what?” He said. Your eyes widens in happiness, hoping he would finally wants to tell the fans about you two. “They won’t suspect anything. They’ll think we’re just friends.”

You smile dropped, “right.” You got up, leaving Aaron alone on the couch.

“Where you going?” He hollered.

“Mahoganys room. At least she won’t hide me like you,” you snapped, slamming the door behind you.


That night was Magcon, so you didn’t really have to necessarily talk to Aaron, seeing that in past events, the managers were always freaking and putting everything into place before it started.

“Hey,” Mahogany smiled, “are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” you told her. She had a sympathetic look and rubbed your back.

Someone called her from across the room, asking her to double check her DJ list, “gotta run. Just tell me if you want to talk or something.” After that, she went off running towards the stage.

The show eventually started and you calmly listened through the curtain behind the stage. Being ‘just friends’ isn’t a thing you enjoy a lot. Shawn jut finished singing Life of the Party, and the crowed was pumped. The screams increased when you heard Aaron’s voice booming in the speakers.

“I have an announcement for all of you,” he said. Curious to what he meant by announcement, you got up from your spot next to your charger in the floor and closer to the curtain to see in you could peek through a little. When you did, you saw Aaron walking towards you. Before he could open it, you quickly hid. “(Y/N),” he breathed when he saw you. “Come on stage with me.

You laughed dryly. “Are you crazy? Your fans are out there, and most of them don’t like me very much.”

“Fuck them.” That was one of the few times you heard Aaron curse. Without warning, he grabbed your wrist gently as he pulled you towards the stage.

“You guys know (Y/N), right?” Aaron asked into the microphone. There were some screams, some boos. “Well, my announcement is that (Y/N) and I have been dating for almost two months now. And I really, really like her, so if you don’t like her, in truly sorry, but no one can change my mind about how I feel about her.”

You smiled, staring at Aaron because the crowd made you nervous. The already screaming crowd got louder. Still, there were a couple of boos, but, like Aaron said, fuck them.

This is late. I’m sorry. You’re amazing. Don’t hate me. I love you all. My computer caught on fire, so I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Nash - "Pages between us, written with no end." 

You and Nash have known each other since you two were in diapers. Both of you were outgoing, making the stories better, not to mention longer. As time went on, feeling rose as more than just friends. It was a never ending extravaganza. The stories could go on forever. The two most fun people being a couple might sound like chaos, but in reality, you both were too lovey-dovey a lot of the time. But when it came down to it, you’d always find the adventure in the smallest things.

Taylor - "I’m sorry if I say I need you, but I don’t care. I’m not scared of love."

Admitting this wasn’t for anyone but the two of you. At the moment, he would always block out whoever tried to get under his skin in a romantic, non-platonic kind of way. That was, until the day he stumbled upon you on the rainy Thursday morning. Unlucky for him, you were in the same mental state that he was in. When he finally said that he needed you in his life, he felt like apologizing. But as much as you tried, resisting him was like squeezing a glass ketchup bottle. Difficult to achieve, but when you do, everything is broken anyways.

Hayes - "Is it so wrong that you make me strong?"

Hayes was never one to keep his emotions inside of him, bottled up like a can of a shaken up carbonated drink, because when he did, he would just blow up at the most abrupt moments. So, he told everyone about you. How you were, and are, the love of his life. Concluding to what past society was made to believe, it was wrong to love someone at such a young age. And, concluding to how some fans are so attached to the guys, making themselves have such a crazy mentality, thinking the boys are theirs, and only theirs, Hayes was iffy about telling anyone. But you gave him happiness,  so why would he care, anyways?

Matt - "Need you to keep me from falling apart"

There were no exceptions to the fact that Matthew Espinosa was a nervous wreck. It may not seem like it, but that’s just because he’s really good at hiding it. He denies it from himself, too. Sometimes he’d just cry. It was like Niagara falls somehow fit into his eye sockets because of the never ending flow of tears. You’d try your best to comfort him by scratching his back, kissing him, holding him for a long time, making him his favorite food, telling him bad jokes, whatever the hell you thought would make the angel feel better. That’s why he needs you. Because if you weren’t there, he’d probably be heading down a dark path. 

Shawn - "My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships drifting."

You and Shawn were both at that age where you could be in a relationship and it was acceptable to your parents. Since they agreed to let you two date, he’s been overjoyed, not letting you go for a second. But, tour was starting up for him, and, obviously, you weren’t allowed to go. You were just at the peek of the honeymoon phase,’ and Shawn was disappointed that you’d drift from him or find another guy to be with at school. Terrified of the future but he doesn’t know whats coming for the better.

Aaron - "So many words we’re not saying. Don’t want to wait ‘till it’s gone."

For some reason, Aarons biggest fear was something disappearing. Not like he sets something down and then it’s gone, more like his words just not feeling genuine after a while. He feels so much true love towards you, but he still doesn’t know what that feeling he gets at the bottom of his stomach is whenever he sees you. He thinks its love, and it is. He wants to refuse it, but at the same time, he doesn’t want those tingles, and smiles, and kissing to not feel real. He would hate for the love to disappear.

Jack Gilinsky - "Weightless waves try to break it. I’d do anything to save it. Why is it so hard to save it?"

To be one hundred percent honest, you and Jack are not the same couple you were a couple months ago. Jack is the same Jack, but you have been so brutally beaten down by those words that the half-hearted "fans" send you through social media, it’s hard to be the same. Jack has done so many things to try and prevent hatred towards you, but its not easy at all. You love him and you know he loves you, but its getting to the point where you don’t want anything anymore. "I’ll do anything, but please, don’t leave me," Jack would beg over, and over when you told him you were leaving him. You couldn’t stay, though. As much as the love was still there, you weren’t.

Jack Johnson - "Think of how much love that’s been wasted."

That was always his argument when he’d try and win you over. And at least it worked. It wasn’t the cheesy quote from a song, actually. It was just too hard to resist all the adorableness of the sassy hot dude. But while cuddling with him after a couple months or so of dating, he brought it back up. It got you thinking of how boring your life would be if you had just ignored him. Just wasting away love. Your gut was telling you to say yes, so you did. And now, you can’t imagine not waking up to see the one and only Jack Johnson sleeping next to you.

Cameron - "My heart, your heart, sit tight like book ends."

For you and Cameron, it didn’t matter if you were on the top of the Eiffel Tower, or behind a dumpster. Both of you would still love each other. same deal if you were in California and he was in Japan. The love was always there. Literally, you two found your other half - each other. Yes, missing one another was a huge problem for both of you, but your hearts never left each others side. Ever.

Carter - "People always try to escape it,"

Most of the human race will find a way to tip-toe away from problems or trouble. Carter? No. He faces them and always succeeds in resolving them. That’s why your relationship isn’t torn apart yet. Fights happen often in your house, screaming, throwing things, pushing. But when Carter realizes that your’e really upset, he doesn’t want to escape the easy way, so instead, he comforts you with apologies and cuddles.

Dillon - “‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker.”

As everyone knows, Dillon is always hyper and clowning around. When the two of you started dating, he was on a break from tour. So, you spent almost three whole moths with him, and Dillon fell so harder more in love with you. After his vacation was up, he had to go back with Magcon and Sunsation. You got text from the guys asking if Dillon was acting weird, or weirder, when he was with you. They said he lost his appetite,  would just sing instead of jumping around and yelling. Concerned, you called to ask him if he was okay. "I’m too weak without you," he whispered.

Sammy - "Move on to stop their heart breaking."

Sam had gotten his heart shattered by a girl freshman year. And after swearing that he wouldn’t fall for another girl and get hurt, he would just hook up, and leave. Until you moved in across the street from him. At first, he just saw you as hot, and someone who he would love to fuck, but after rejecting him multiple times, he wanted you even more. You gave in, and he was such a gentleman, unlike what all the other girls said, or more like warned you. But as much as his heart was telling him to stay, he refused to let his heart be broken again. So he left. But, all that did was break it even more.

Jacob - "I’ll always hold on, ‘cause you make me strong." 

You were generally always happy on the outside. And before you started dating Jacob, you were on on the inside, too. Fans hate was getting to you. But, you loved Jacob too much to tell him his fans were being rude. So you cried in silence when Jacob wasn’t over. It was Impossible to cry of sadness when you were with him. Was it the way he exudes happiness, or was it his adorable little giggle he hated. It didn’t matter, though, because either way, he’s your rock, and you’ll never want to let him get away.


I thought this was sort of cute ;) It would’ve been up earlier, but like I mentioned, my computer caught fire and deleted all of my things that were saved and this. (I was in the middle of writing and didn’t get a chance to save it before it caught fire) 

Hope you enjoy it!

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GUYS IM SO SORRY I DIDNT POST THE IMAGINE YESTERDAY. My laptop caught on fire and it didn’t save the preference so I’m redoing it. I’ll have it tomorrow maybe. It was really really long and now I have to redo the WHOLE PREFERENCE. Also, I’m thinking about making a twitter for this, and I’ll ONLY post on it when I have a new imagine up, I’ll put the link to it. You can get notified whenever I post an imagine or preference. Please let me know!


But don’t worry, I have a preference for tonight 😉




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You knocked on your best friends door with a small duffle bag swinging at your side. When a tall guy opened the door, you were surprised. This was probably Jacob, Sierras older brother. You’ve never met him until now due to him always being either on your, or hanging out with his friends.

"Hi," you shyly greeted, seeing as he was really cute.

"Hello, beautiful," he winked, making you blush, "Sierra! Your cute friend is here!" You were red as a tomato.

Sierra came running down the stairs in some jean shorts and a Tshirt from cheer camp 2012. “Don’t ever call my friends cute,” she warned him.

"Would you rather your brother be a liar?" Sierra jut glared at him. You stood there awkwardly, not knowing of you were supposed to say thank you to Jacob or take sierras side. Sierra pulled you inside the house. Jacob was staring at you, so you just smirked back.

"Sorry about my brother. I love him, but he can be sort of flirty sometimes."

"Nah, it’s cool," you said, putting down your bag against the wall next to her bed. Through the day, you guys talked about school, famous people, hot guys, and were on twitter and Instagram.

"I’m bored," she complained. "do you wanna watch a movie or something?"

You nodded and got up to go downstairs to the living room. Jacob was laying on the couch playing video games. “Hey, can we watch a movie?” Sierra asked him.

"Can I pick it?" He raised his eyebrow, pausing the game.

Sierra rolled her eyes, “fine.” He smiled and went over tithe big stack of DVDs. After serving for a little, he chose to watch ‘Just Go with it.’

You chuckled to yourself. That was a movie you watched on a girls night out, or something. You didn’t expect for him to lake that movie.

Sierra eventually fell asleep, she could just drop whenever. Unlike you, who’s ad to be in a comfortable bed. It seems like Jacob was the same, as he was not into the movie, but awake.

"Hey," you called quietly. He looked over at you and smiled. "I’m cold, do you have a blanket?"

"No, Sierra is using it. But, if you want, you can have my hoodie."

You shifted uncomfortably, not knowing if you should accept, or decline. “Sure…”

He took off his hoodie, leaving only his tank top on, and handed it to you.

"Thanks," you blushed.

"No, it’s okay. You look good in my hoodie," he winked, walking over and sitting next to you. You looked over at him and laughed as he hugged you and snuggled into your stomach.

"What are you doing?" You giggled.

"I can’t be left freezing, can I?" He mumbled and closed his eyes.

You put one hand on his head and the other on his arm. You should be comfortable of he is. Absentmindedly, you rubbed his head with your thumb. When you realized you were, you stopped, thinking it was creepy.

"Don’t stop, that felt good," he whispered, his eyes closed.

"That’s gross, guys. My best friends and my brother," said Sierra. "You guys talked one time besides right now."

Jacob laughed, “I’m just getting warm! She’s really, really hot!”

You threw your head back and laughed. But Sierra grabbed your Han and pulled Jacob off, storming into her room, half mad and half trying to hold in her laugh.

She fell right to sleep on contact with the bed, but you stayed awake, thinking about the events with Jacob. He was defiantly flirting, wasn’t he? You put your hands in the pockets of Jacobs hoodie, but felt a piece of paper. It was probably just a wrapper, or something. You took it out to throw it away, but saw a note.

Call me tomorrow, okay? 555-555-5555

Hope you like it!

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WHO IS EXCITED FOR DIGITOUR WITH JACK & JACK?! 🙋 Who would be even more excited if FTPD were there introducing the acts or even performing?! 🙋😏🙋

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